Jared A. Rose, Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney

The Law Office of Jared A. Rose is based in Kansas City. We represent accident victims and plaintiffs in business disputes in Kansas and Missouri.

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My Goals

  1. Listen to each client's story
  2. Be compassionate and attentive
  3. Get the best possible result

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Helping Accident Victims

We represent accident victims. After an accident we can protect your rights and get you fair compensation.

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Helping Plaintiffs in Business Disputes

We represent plaintiffs in business disputes. If you've been defrauded or if someone has breached a contract with you, we may be able to help.

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FINRA Arbitration and Securities Litigation

We represent investors who have been wronged by their broker or investment advisor. If your broker put his interests ahead of yours, please call us.

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We represent injured people against insurance companies and other corporations, and we represent investors who have been harmed by their financial advisors or stockbrokers.