Settlement for a Colorado man injured in Kansas City


The Law Office of Jared A. Rose secured a $100,000 settlement for a Colorado man who had been attending a convention in Kansas City. The man had to stop his vehicle on Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City, Missouri, because of traffic in front of him. The driver behind him was not paying attention and rear-ended him.

Jared’s client suffered injuries to his head, neck, chest, and his ribs. Afterwards he suffered from numbness in his arm and also experienced severe headaches. After MRIs revealed disc extrusions in his neck, he had to undergo a microdiscectomy procedure, which is a surgery where a small part of the bone over the nerve root on the spinal cord is taken out to relieve pain caused by the herniated disc. Jared’s client largely recovered thanks to physical therapy and the surgery. The settlement allowed him to pay his medical bills, compensated him for lost wages, and provided him some measure of compensation for his pain and suffering.

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