Settlement for father and children injured in highway accident


A young father was driving his two children to the pool, on US 69 Highway. Traffic on US 69 Highway travels fast, and there are two separate roadways separated by a median. Defendant was traveling the opposite direction, and after she entered the left lane of US 69 Highway, she then proceeded into the center lane, and clipped the back left side of another vehicle. That truck lost control, went airborne across the median, and the plaintiff family's vehicle hit it head on. The father required surgery to treat a broken wrist and a torn right rotator cuff. One child suffered a broken ankle and the other a broken tooth and concussion among other injuries that cost the family over $60,000 in out of pocket in medical bills.

An independent witness who was traveling behind the truck that the Defendant ran into testified that the defendant did not use a turn signal. The Defendant did not slow down or pause before moving from the left lane (where she was entering traffic) into the center lane. She was in too much of a hurry, and crossed from the left lane into the center lane without paying attention, yet she still initially tried to blame the truck driver.

The family was awarded $120,000 for the father, and $20,000 each for the children.

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