Settlement on behalf of a client who had been sold a risky promissory note


After filing a FINRA statement of claim against a brokerage firm for failing to supervise one of its brokers, during mediation, The Law Office of Jared A. Rose was able to secure a confidential settlement on behalf of a client who had been sold a promissory note. The promissory note was supposed to help Brenda Wood buy the New York Life building at 920 Main Street in Kansas City, but she was not able to secure enough financing to buy the building, the deal fell through, she filed for bankruptcy, and never made any payments on the note. Jared was able to argue that although the broker had said the promissory note was a sure thing, it was actually risky and should never have been recommended by the broker. Jared argued that the brokerage firm should have been doing a better job of supervising its broker.

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