Broker Negligence

Rose Law Leads the Charge in Investigating GWG L Bonds Mis-selling

In our ongoing efforts to serve investors, Rose Law is representing individuals who purchased GWG L Bonds. These bonds were issued by GWG Holdings, Inc., which defaulted in 2022, significantly impacting numerous investors left holding worthless investments. Decoding the GWG L Bonds Fiasco Various broker-dealers were negligent in the sale of GWG L Bonds. Broker-dealers should [...]

Brokers Bilk Customers With GWG L-Bonds

GWG L bond investors are facing significant losses as GWG Holdings navigates both bankruptcy and class action lawsuits. Despite the bonds offering high interest dividends, the GWG L Bonds were poorly secured, unlisted and unsellable once purchased, while also being aggressively auto-renewed. This combination of high risk and illiquidity should have meant that they [...]

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