Verdicts and Settlements

Wrongful death settlement for parents whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver$4,000,000.00
Settlement received for woman injured in intersection collision despite faulty black box data$875,000.00
Underinsured motorist settlement for young woman who suffered damage to her hand in accident$200,000.00
Judgment for widow who sues drunk driver’s insurance for violating duties to its insured and the plaintiff$3,481,901.00
Judgment for client who had been the passenger in a vehicle that was hit head-on by a drunk driver$3,500,000.00
Settlement for father and children injured in highway accident$160,000.00
Arbitration award against an Ameriprise broker who deceived an investor$776,424.00
Judgment on behalf of an elderly woman who was injured as a passenger$589,525.00
Judgment on behalf of a widow for the proceeds of her husband’s life insurance policy, after the life insurance company initially denied her claim$150,000.00
Client suffering from whiplash receives five times initial insurance offer$40,000.00
Settlement for woman attacked by dog$40,000.00
Settlement for a woman who fell outside of a Johnson County BBQ restaurant$55,000.00
Settlement against a drunk driver who injured two people$100,000.00
Recovery on behalf of a motorcyclist who was rear-ended$89,477.00
Settlement for widow whose husband died in a rural car crash with no surviving witnesses$100,000.00
Recovery from car insurance company for a driver who backed out of a driveway and injured a pedestrian$100,000.00
Recovered $45,000 in underinsured motorist benefits in bodily injury settlement$45,000.00
Settlement on behalf of a client who had been sold a risky promissory noteConfidential
Settlement for injured car crash victim T-boned while driving through intersection$30,000.00
Settlement on behalf of pedestrian hit by drunk driver in crosswalkMaximum available under insured policy
Settlement on behalf of a woman who was injured by careless security guard$16,000.00
Settlement for young mother whose car was T-boned when another driver ran red light$50,000.00
Settlement on behalf of woman who suffered a dislocated shoulder and nerve damage in her hand$25,000.00
Settlement on behalf of young passenger in vehicle that collided with another vehicle then skidded off the road$25,000.00
Settlement for driver of a car that was hit head-on by a drunk driver going the wrong way$100,000.00
Settlement on behalf of a man who was rear-ended$25,000.00
Woman who slipped and fell at a store receives settlementConfidential
Settlement for woman who was rear-ended on highway$13,000.00
Recovery for family whose mother died in a motorcycle accident$75,000.00
Client injured by negligent driver receives maximum amount under insurance policy$50,000.00
Restaurant customer receives settlement for injuries caused by missing railingConfidential
Recovery for woman with broken leg after falling in hole on neighbor’s property$60,000.00
Recovery for woman who was in a car accident that caused injuries to her back and shoulder$17,795.00
Settlement for man struck by negligent driver$19,000.00
Recovery for woman walking her dog struck by a vehicle in a crosswalk$62,000.00
Maximum amount available from insurance company recovered for car accident victim$29,000.00
Insurance policy limit recovered from a drunk driver who hit client$100,000.00
Policy limit recovered from insurance company after woman falls on broken steps$100,000.00
Maximum amount available recovered for a man who was hurt while being removed from a bar$25,000.00
Car wreck case resolved$30,500.00
Settlement for injuries suffered during erratic boat driving$25,000.00
Recovery for veteran passenger in a car that hit by a driver who ignored a stop sign$35,000.00
Settlement for woman who was injured when she fell on incorrectly installed exercise equipment$50,000.00
Settlement for a Colorado man injured in Kansas City$100,000.00
Settlement on behalf man when a John Deere combine pulled out of a field in front of his vehicle$40,000.00
Settlement on behalf of a woman who was injured when drunk driver crossed the center line and hit vehicle head on$50,000.00
Settlement for a client who was rear-ended$25,000.00
Pedestrian hit by a car while walking on the side of the road$100,000.00
Recovery on behalf of a client who was rear-ended while he waited at a stop light$100,000.00
Settlement on behalf of a client who was hit when the other driver ran a red light$75,000.00
Settlement for a client injured in a car wreck, who suffered concussion symptoms after the wreck$50,000.00
Settlement with the car insurance company for a driver who rear-ended client$71,676.00
Settlement on behalf of client who had been advised to invest heavily in inverse ETFsConfidential
Settlement for a passenger who suffered a broken arm when the driver of his car ran into a tree$100,000.00