Contract Attorney in Kansas CityMaking sure insurance companies fulfill their promises.

When you buy insurance, you expect it to be there for you when things go wrong. Insurance companies promise to protect you in tough times. But sometimes instead of protecting you, they leave you out to dry.

If your insurance company is refusing to provide coverage after an accident, you should contact us.

If you were hit by an uninsured motorist or an underinsured motorist, you should contact us. Your insurance company had no problem accepting your premiums for many years. But they may not pay you fair value for your injuries.

If your insurance company failed to protect you after an accident that was your fault, by failing to investigate the situation, defend you, and settle the case, then you may have a bad faith claim against your insurance company. They should have protected you after the accident – that’s why you bought insurance.

In these situations like this, where you are battling your own insurance company, don’t hesitate to call us.