In our ongoing efforts to serve investors, Rose Law is representing individuals who purchased GWG L Bonds. These bonds were issued by GWG Holdings, Inc., which defaulted in 2022, significantly impacting numerous investors left holding worthless investments.

Decoding the GWG L Bonds Fiasco

Various broker-dealers were negligent in the sale of GWG L Bonds. Broker-dealers should have been aware of the unsuitability of these bonds for their clients.

Broker-Dealers Under Scrutiny

At least 37 broker-dealers are believed to have been involved in the sale of GWG L Bonds, including names like Western International Securities, Centaurus Financial, and Emerson Equity, among others.

Our Commitment to Affected Investors

Investors who have endured financial losses due to this fiasco are entitled to justice, and Rose Law is committed to this cause. Our contingency fee model is a testament to our dedication — we will not get paid unless we recover for our clients.

We’re Here for You

If you or someone in your network has been affected by the sale of GWG L Bonds, we urge you to contact us for more information. 816-221-4335

Broker-Dealers Believed to have sold GWG L Bonds:

  • Western International Securities
  • Centaurus Financial
  • Emerson Equity
  • Coastal Equities, Inc.
  • Great Point Capital
  • National Securities Corporation
  • Dempsey Lord Smith
  • TFS Securities
  • Intervest International Equities

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